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Tommy Beier is the head of TBF Xmedia, - development, design and production of film, tv and media projects.

After studying photography and film in Stuttgart, he started with his own production company in 1988.

Specialized in sports and wildlife filming Tommy Beier affected the film scenery with his spectacular camera moving shots.


For the large variety of  documentaries, underwater, sports and lifestyle features TBF Xmedia created a world wide net of journalists, editorial staff, location researchers, casting agencies and camera crews.


Tommy Beier successfully implemented projects as a cinematographer and director:

The  winter Olympic Games, portraits on the Klitschko brothers, Felix Neureuther, Michael Teuber, Martina Navratilova, total media productions of Red Bull events, features of Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum and a large number of  wildlife documentaries, - mountain gorillas in Ruanda, lepards and lions in South Afrika, komodo dragons in Indonesia, cave diving in Yukatan, shark tagging in the gulf of Mexico,  portraits on Jane Godall and Marsha Kauka, films for National Georaphic, humanitarian projects of tribes in the Amazon jungle and longer features of animals in 3D. Two documentaries were produced in China.


Tommy Beier worked as director of photography on parts of the film " The Bismarck project" directed by James Cameron.

He was involved in projects for : ARD, ZDF, BBC, TV1, RTL, SVT, GloboTV, National    Geographic, Discovery channel, Telcast international and many others.


TBF Xmedia Tommy Beier Film realized image film productions for Phillip Morris, Marlboro adventure Team, Marlboro project, IBM, Mercedes Benz, adidas, Telecom, O2, Dupont, Allianz, Shell, Heraeus and other leading companies.


For the " Powder Park " tv series, Tommy Beier Film was contracted by Columbia Tristar to produce and  visualize all outdoor and snowboard scenes. 


As a photographer, he won the  “international calendar of the year award" twice. The subject was: " Himmel atmen "


Tommy Beier is an acrobatic pilot, flying air shows with an old Bücker Jungmann acrobatic airplane. Tommy is also member of the Jesenwings airstunt team which is organizing and performing airstunts for film and TV companies.



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